How much does Amazon love dogs? Just ask one of the 7,000 pups that “work” here.

When it comes to corporation tradition, Amazon is  寵物移民美國邊間好    barking up the right tree.
On any given day at our Seattle headquarters, out of doors of the COVID-19 pandemic, personnel percentage workspace with as many as 7,000 dogs. At Amazon, convey-your-canine-to-work day is every day—a long-standing lifestyle that both Amazonians and their four-legged buddies experience.

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“Having dogs in our place of job is an extremely good deal with. They make employees smile, and we’re proud this is this sort of uniquely Amazonian culture. It’s certainly ingrained in our corporation way of life,” explains Lara Hirschfield, our “Woof Pack” Manager. “Our employees love bringing their puppies to paintings and love meeting their co-employees’ puppies.”

It all started out with Rufus
“Amazon has been canine-friendly for the reason that Day 1,” notes Hirschfield. “Our puppies add to the fun, dynamic electricity of our place of work.” In the early days of Amazon.Com, a husband and wife team introduced their Welsh corgi, Rufus, to paintings with them, and he became a notably productive a part of the team. Employees could use Rufus’ paw to click on the computer mouse to release some of the earliest pages of Amazon.Com.

Rufus’ reminiscence is still venerated at Amazon: There are pictures of him round campus, and there’s even a constructing in South Lake Union that become named after the loved corgi.

On a regular day, lots of puppies observe in Rufus’ paw steps. Some of the famous pooches at the organization encompass Lucy the Labrador, Sherriff a Golden-Aussie mix, and a Papillion named Martini. If you land on one in all our mistakes 404 pages, you’ll be brought to some of the puppies that come to work with their owners regularly.

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Perks for domestic dogs
In addition to striking with their loved pet parents and getting fussed over through different Amazonians, there are masses of fun things for puppies to do on campus. Reception desks in each office constructing are a need to-prevent spot to snag canine treats.

On the 17th floor of one in all our homes (Doppler), there’s a doggie deck—entire with a fake fireplace hydrant—where dogs can run around. The community has no shortage of poop bag stations, distinctive dog remedy areas, and dog-pleasant water fountains. This yr, we additionally opened a community off-leash dog park within the Denny Triangle neighborhood for personnel and dogs in the network to revel in – it features rocks and different systems for puppies to play on.

Local dogs and their owners additionally experience prepared events at some point of the yr. Barktoberfest, as an example, is a big hit, providing dog-pleasant treats, sports, or even a doggie Halloween gown contest.

Going beyond the campus
Our devotion to our four-legged buddies doesn’t stop at making sure they’re enjoying their time on campus. Last yr, in Tempe, Arizona, greater than ninety Amazon employees, volunteers, and retailers came out to help the Ohana Animal Rescue. After extra than 480 volunteer hours, the crew finished one hundred percent of Ohana’s upkeep want list, such as developing new “meet and greet” rooms, renovating their scientific exam room, organizing a 1,000 rectangular-foot thrift keep, and extra. Three of the volunteers even went home because the proud new mother and father of followed dogs.

Bringing teammates together, one canine at a time
Having pets inside the workplace has been observed to decrease stress and improve morale. At Amazon, the advantages don’t stop there. The dog-pleasant policy additionally contributes to the agency’s culture of collaboration. As Hirschfield notes, “Dogs inside the place of job is an sudden mechanism for connection. I see Amazonians assembly each different in our lobbies or elevators each day because of their puppies.”

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